Real Time Measures – The Impact of COVID-19 on Businesses and Consumers

Buxton built a tool to help track and communicate how your business community is impacted by COVID-19 in real time. Why This Is Important This exclusive data resource, which is updated daily, can help community leaders with the following:

  • Access critical year-over-year comparisons of consumer traffic volumes in local stores to answer evolving business questions.
  • Determine when consumers adapt to the new normal and how similar that new normal is to previous activity volumes.
  • Inform your annual budgeting processes and adjustments with real time consumer insight.
  • Empower and support your local business community with insights across industries including grocery, restaurants, retail and healthcare. How Do I Utilize This? We will dive into how you can use this resource for understanding the real time effects of COVID-19 on your business community.
Lynn Dehlinger
over 2 years agoApril 2, 2020
Thank you!  Our firm helps small to medium communities throughout Florida with business attraction and retention, as well as redevelopment.  Our client cities are struggling with how to deal with this crisis, and how to help their businesses.
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